Mission of CP Matchmaker

This site is to match writers with Critique Partners.

This site came about because I've talked with so many beginning and intermediate writers who don't have another writer they trust or have confidence in to send their work to be critiqued.

My hope is this will bring together writers who form bonds and help each other with their writing. If it hadn't been for the guidance and generosity of a judge in a contest who took me on as a critique partner, I would still be floundering with my writing.

Family and friends are good readers to give you encouragement, but when you have another career focused writer critique your work, it's when your writing blossoms.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Praise for CP Matchmaker

"Coupled with other two crit partners I've just sold my first novel." Zrinka C. Jelic

"I love our crit group!! Crits from both are indispensable and the Jager crit group is without doubt among one of my most valued writer connections." Mary Knapp

"My critique partners are truly valued. I get detailed feedback and they usually focus on different areas so, as a whole, the weekly feedback is well-rounded and helpful. Paty, your website was a great idea and continues to be a blessing. Thanks so much!" Kara Ashley Dey

"Well, I think it's going great! If I can only stay better organize and not forget what I am supposed to do! But my partners aren't shy about reminding me and the crits have been super helpful. I think we just agreed to up our weekly words, which is great!" Leslie Dow

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Benefits

I've found over the years that the benefits of having a critique partner have been many.

My first CP helped me untwist my sentences with calm guidance. Then she taught me and is still thumping me for show vs tell. I've taught her about horses and the west and helped with brainstorming.

My second CP helped me with big picture problems and I helped her with story structure.

My current CPs, one helps me with line edits and redundant words and the other with strengthening the emotions. I help one with character structure and the other one with editing and overall story structure.

Being a Critique partner means a working relationship with another writer or two who help you improve your writing and who you help improve theirs.

Paty Jager

Monday, March 21, 2011

Up and Running!

If your writing has been in limbo or you're looking for a person who can help you take your writing to the next level become a CP Matchmaker critique partner.

Read the pages about being a critique partner, fill out the form, and send it in. Once there are enough writers looking for critique partners, I'll start matching you up, and you'll be on your way!

Spread the word to all your writing friends. This is a community where writers come together to find Critique Partners to push them to write the pages and then make the pages shine.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Coming Soon

This will be a site where writers can be matched up with other writers to form three person online critique groups.

Rules and Criteria will be posted soon.