Mission of CP Matchmaker

This site is to match writers with Critique Partners.

This site came about because I've talked with so many beginning and intermediate writers who don't have another writer they trust or have confidence in to send their work to be critiqued.

My hope is this will bring together writers who form bonds and help each other with their writing. If it hadn't been for the guidance and generosity of a judge in a contest who took me on as a critique partner, I would still be floundering with my writing.

Family and friends are good readers to give you encouragement, but when you have another career focused writer critique your work, it's when your writing blossoms.

What to Ask For

As the person being Critiqued you can ask your partners to keep an eye out for certain things.

1) Know what you are looking for and how to ask for it. In the e-mail you send with your piece to be critiqued to your CPs let them know if it's a first draft or a final draft and if you want them to help with the punctuation and polishing. Or do you want general things- their reaction to your character(s), story theme, setting, tension,etc. Feel confident in asking the questions you want answered about your work. NOT is it good, but: "Did the ending work?, How does the language affect the pacing?"

Ask the questions:
"Does my character seem real?"
"Does it grab your attention. Reel you in?"

2) Don't argue with a comment. The best thing to do if you aren't happy with a comment is close the document and walk away. Let it sit a day or two and think about what was said. It could be you became so defensive because deep down you know they're right or because it is way off base. Either way, thank them for the suggestion - and that's what it is - a suggestion- and do what you want. It's your story. But to caution- if both CPs make the same comment you may need to evaluate what you have on the page.

3) Be a good reader of all genres especially the genres you critique and write. That way you know if your CP is following the language and style of that type of book.

4) Thank your CP's for their feedback.

5) Know when the group isn't working. This is when your writing isn't growing. You can't improve your writing if a CP is always telling you it's terrific. Everyone can improve their writing. Be it plot, theme, description, showing or punctuation. Give the group at least three months. If you don't feel you are getting anything from the group contact the CP Matchmaker and you will be reassigned.

Source: Lindy Jacobs and Paty Jager